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Web Site for Job Seekers in Science
Biology, Biotech, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Physics, life sciences.

Opportunities abound for those of us trained in science. Not only can you find jobs doing lab research, but you can also work in sales, management, technical writing, stragetic planning, clinical research, marketing, R&D and virtually any department at firms engaged in business related to your scientific training. You can even find jobs on Wall Street that look for people in background in science! Here is a list of sites I have found useful in my job search.


Biotech Jobs: for chemists and those in biologically-related disciplines.

  • Science Online Career Center
  • Many major companies post their jobs here; nationwide listings; also have FBI forensic jobs!
  • Medzilla -- find jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, science, medicine, and healthcare. Exclusively for outstanding candidates and professionals. Online since 1994, MedZilla established the new chemistry of matching the right job with the right candidate.
  • Science Jobs - A premier site for biomedical and life sciences community. Most job listings; worldwide jobs; posted directly by the employers from large firms to individual labs. Jobs for Ph.Ds, BS, post-docs, all can be found here. Also listings from Cell, BioMedNet, and New Scientist
  • - Free resource for scientists seeking jobs in biology, chemistry, and other science field.
  • Biology Jobs for job seekers and employers who are specifically interested in the Life Sciences.
  • BioSpace Jobs from dozens of biotech and life sciences companies nation wide; research, management, sales and other areas.
  • Bioresearch Online: Jobs from various biotech-related firms; Not too many listings but seems to be growing.
  • Quite a few listings for people with scientific skills by both large and small companies. New Jobs added daily.
  • Sales Consultants of San Francisco recruitment of sales, marketing, and technical professionals Sales jobs in Biotech, chemistry, medically-related industries in San-Francisco Area
  • Bio Online Listings of jobs in biotech and related industries by both major firms and start-ups.
  • some biotech jobs--old listings?
  • CareerMosaic
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Jobs from American Society of Plant Physiologists; both Ph.D and non-Ph.D jobs as well as fellowship listings
  • Biofind

Academic Positions

Placement Agencies:

These employment agencies hire you and then place you to work with various firms on various, often temporary projects. Sometimes these temporary jobs turn into permanent jobs.

LabSupport-- Job opening for scientists: biomedical, chemists, pharmaceuticals, environmental, petroleum-related, etc.

  • Science Lab Division
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Division
  • EnviroStaff division
  • Healthcare Financial Staffing Division

Kelly Scientific --nationwide offices; temp jobs chemists, biology-related areas including environmental, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-related, etc

Aerotech Scientific Job Listings Research jobs in Biological sciences and chemistry; clinical research; technician jobs; updated often; many jobs; employment agency with offices nationwide; free to job seekers

Web sites for large Biotech Firms with on-line job listings.


BioWorld Online, The Worldwide Biotechnology News and Information Source

Science Research Institutes


Undergraduate Research Fellowships and Internships in the Sciences:

Scientific Societies related to Agricultural Biology

Scientific Journals



Related Links:


General & Reference:

  • Online Dictionaries A comprehensive collection of all kinds of online dictionaries: you can find any English dictionary, language dictionary, slang dictionary, medical and law dictionaries among many others on this site. Wow!!!
  • Book Clubs Online A comprehensive book club directory with links to virtually every book club. Categorized by interest: literature, romance, history, politics, science fiction, mystery book club, horror book club, etc and by profession: medical book club, computer book club, teaching, etc. Offers great deals for joining many of the clubs such as 5 books for $1.
  • Health & Fitness Magazines Vast collection of health and fitness magazines and books covering such topics as health, women's health, men's health, nutrition, exercise, bodybuilding,
  • Men's Magazines Magazines for men on every topic: health and fitness magazines, women, fashion, lifestyles, sports and camping, hobbies. Categorized by topic for easy navigation.
  • Christian Reader Outstanding online Christian library with extensive collection of christian books, magazines, videos and links to other great Christian web sites.
  • Autoimmune Disease Online: Library of Resources dealing with various autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, early onset diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many others.
  • Music Clubs: Directory of music clubs on the internet by genre, and links to discount music stores.
  • DVD Clubs: Directory of DVD clubs and special offers for DVD movies offered online; by interest.

Career Links:

  • Teaching Jobs Job search directory for education jobs. Listings of jobs for K-12 teachers as well as higher education teaching jobs. Also ESL and international job listings for teachers.
  • Science Jobs Find science jobs in biology, pharmaceutical sales, chemistry, biochemistry and related biomedical fields.
  • Alex' Illicit Guide to Medical School Admissions Information and advice on becoming a doctor from a current medical student. Great information on medical school admissions, planning, MCAT, etc.

Money, Business & Finance Links:


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